Our Team

PS Modellbau Prototyping Solutions has been operating on the national and international market for over 25 years. The wide range of services includes architectural, exhibition and trade fair exhibits, exhibits for museums, model construction and technical prototypes. The team consists of permanently employed skilled workers who have many years of experience in the conception and model-making realization of exhibits and cut-away exhibits, the representation of functional models (movements and processes) and the user interface programming of the exhibit control. This manufacturing expertise is complemented by extensive experience and broad knowledge in the media industry, IT (hardware and software) and programming.


In addition to the subtractive manufacturing techniques of a demonstration model maker such as laser cutting and CNC milling, modern additive techniques such as stereolithography, selective laser sintering or fused deposition modeling are also used. PS Modellbau uses environmentally friendly model building materials for its exhibits and implements the exhibit strategies sustainably. When designing the exhibits, the background of the event, the group of interested parties and other individual parameters are always taken into account in order to achieve the planned viewing, explanation and teaching effect.


We rely on interactivity to ensure that your exhibits are not only impressive but also educational. Our models are equipped with interactive features that allow visitors to delve deeper into the topic. We use intelligent LED technology to highlight model details in a fascinating way. Our LEDs can be programmed to emphasize specific aspects of the model or respond to events that occur during interaction. This creates an immersive and visually stunning experience for viewers. We not only program the user interface and intelligent LEDs, but also integrate augmented reality functions to offer the viewer an even more interesting insight into further information. 


PS Modellbau Prototyping Solutions was awarded with the German Business Award “Best Prototyping Solutions & Trade Show Exhibits Provider 2021” and "Best Technical Prototype Maker 2023 - DACH" by EU Business News magazine.

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